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Dear Future Supernatural Seducer:

Before I tell you what you NEED, let me tell you what you DON’T need to succeed with women:

A lot of money

A flashy Car

Fantastic looks

I’m about to reveal how I was able to escape the impending life where a guy will be forced into if he does not improve his game and “settles” with just any woman that accepts him. Lucky for me, I accidentally fell into this amazing SIMPLE system.

Now, I’m giving you the chance to get the same system - it’s given me freedom to choose the women that I want, it can do the same for you (if you let it)…

I’ve been exactly where you’re sitting right now. Feeling rejected and disappointed at myself. Again...again, I failed with women again.

Then I hit a point in my life where I had to make a decision. I had to decide whether I was going to ‘give it my all’ and find the “secret” or was I just going to “settle for just any girl” and end up with which ever girl that did not reject me.

I’m glad I went out and found the secret. Very glad.

I spent over 4 years of my life finding this secret (yes, that’s over 1,460 days!). Over the last few years, every time I had spare time or would go out, I tested and studied how the female mind works to learn more.

The good news is, you won’t have to fail and get rejected like me. No, you get to keep your pride.

Keep reading this letter because I’m about to reveal my secret. I’ll show you the exact system that finally worked.

It’s not theory. I actually use this system in my everyday life to meet, attract and seduce SEXY women that I truly desire (you’ll see below).


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Hi. My name's Maurice Jackson. And let me tell you first that I do not have a lot of money, a flashy car or extremely great looks. But yet... I can more than hold my own when it comes to women.

Let me ask you this…

Are you sick and tired of watching women walk out of your life?

Are you sick of being rejected and turned down?

Are you afraid of talking to women?

Well my friend, I know EXACTLY where you're coming from.

I know how it feels when you think you've got a chance with a girl, because she has been dropping you hints and always talks to you about her problems… only to realize that she doesn't think of you in that way and gives you the "let's just be friends" talk.

I know how it feels when you finally took the courage to get a girl's number, and just when you were excited about calling her the feeling of disappointment hits you in the stomach… when you later realize that the number she gave to you was a fake.

“Maurice Jackson, Your Own Wingman… this is all I have to say. Guess what? Your advice worked for me! I can now confidently meet, attract and seduce girls I never dreamed of in the past” - Darren J, NY

“Wow, all I have got to say that this system really has helped me increase my dating life… after reading all the other pickup and seduction books and DVDs, Maurice Jackson’s (Your Own Wingman) Supernatural Seduction System is one of the best. - Lincoln Cole, CA

“This is the seduction Bible! This truly is a mammoth compilation of seduction knowledge put together in a easy to understand and applicable way. I think there’s over 300 pages! How long did it take you to write this system? It really helped me out for sure! Thanks Maurice!” - Stanly M, UK

I know how it feels when a woman that you asked out tells you that she's "really busy" and "has things on" so she can't accept your invitation… only to see her out later that night in the arms of another man.

Trust me buddy, I know how it feels…

I know where you're coming from…

I know how much it sucks to be there.

My name is Maurice Jackson…

You may know me from my dating website that I set up called: (which last year alone provided dating advice to nearly 300,000 grateful men).

Now don't get me wrong.

I am NOT another dating guru.

I am NOT another pick up superstar.

Rather, I'm just an average Joe…

… I'm just an average Joe that was frustrated with his inability to meet women.

Yes… I was just an average Joe who had no idea how to meet, attract or seduce women.

It came to a point when I hit rock bottom.

It was when I thought I was "sooo in" with a girl and I stupidly believed her when she said "we're so far along together now, you can tell me EVERYTHING"…

So I did tell her EVERYTHING.

I told her "honestly, I have never been on a date with a girl so I don't know what I should do next…"

I thought at the time we were practically together and we were a couple, so I could tell my girlfriend everything right?


Within a week she refused to answer my calls and respond to my text messages…

It was a few days later when I realized I have committed a mortal sin in the dating world.

I was devastated.

It was not the first time I got rejected in my mind for no reason.

In fact, the reason why I cared so much for her was because it was the first time I ever got to that stage with an attractive woman.

I was disheartened.

I was down.

But I was not broken.

It was then I made up my mind to become good with women.

I was no longer satisfied at "settling" with a girl who didn't reject me.


I wanted to truly be able to meet, attract then seduce the women that I desired.

So I spent FIVE years of my life, laboriously studying the material from the greatest seduction masters on the planet, then practicing and applying their skills to hone my craft of seduction.

It was during my learning process that I created in order to help guys wanted to improve their dating life.

Then eventually after receiving thousands of emails and responses from men seeking advice both from and my personal life and experiences, I was able to formulate this secret seduction strategy.

This seduction strategy allowed me to seduce SEXY and BEAUTIFUL women…

This wasn't just a one off fluke. I started to succeed on a CONSISTENT basis.

Not only that, I started to totally dominate.And I do mean DOMINATE the dating field. I was able to meet, attract then seduce hot 10 out of 10 babes, such as smoking hot sexy club dancers…

I have finally found the solution to totally dominating and conquering sexy and gorgeous women…

Not only do I now know how to talk to attract women…

I make them attracted to me, every single one of them.


I have compiled all my experiences and findings into this one and only ultimate Supernatural Seduction System…

And the Best thing is...

You get to access this system too ... right now

Then you too can have conversations like this with SEXY women you desire…

Yes, this is really a screenshot of one my personal conversations I had just the other night…

By the way, I have never bought that sexy 20-year-old model a drink or showered her with gifts either…

And I don't just seduce them... My last, long-term model/dancer girlfriend who I broke up with (yes, now I get to reject women instead of being the other way around), also followed this system!

I even went through my "rockstar" phase and went to clubs and met many beautiful women and succeeded like no tomorrow. Yeah, that's right... Me, the average Joe guy of the past was now being able to get with women that I would only dream about beforehand…

And trust me when I say that I just look like your average dude around town...So how the hell do I do it??What am I doing differently than all those wealthier, better-looking guys with flashier cars who spend hours upon hours trying to get dates... when I've been getting so many phone numbers I had to… keep an excel spreadsheet to keep up with all these screaming-hot women I'm meeting?

Those guys are doing something VERY wrong... and it's one of those two mistakes I'll tell you about shortly!

I think I lost count of the times I got rejected during high school and after…

I wasn't even aiming to get the hot girls either… I was even rejected by those bookworm types of girls who stay at home and read the Harry Potter books all day…

I couldn't even get the desperate girls… you know the ones that were considered to be “easy” by other guys. They all rejected me too.

"And what's sad was… I didn't even go to my prom night because I didn't have a date..."

So I thought to myself I'd make a totally new start during my freshman years. I figured, I'd go to dorm parties and meet really drunk girls who would sleep with me…

I was SO wrong. For some reason, even drunks women avoided me... and I didn’t even know that was possible.

So I thought I'd try my luck by going out to clubs and checking out the night scenes…

But I didn't get any better, in fact it made me WORSE.

I mean it was worse than usual. It was a total disaster when attractive women would walk by… and I could do nothing but stare at them.

I was too shy and too scared to approach them for fear of being rejected yet again…

The final turning point was the girl that I told you about earlier, her name was Christine… to me we were already dating and in my mind she was my girlfriend.

But in her mind and to her friends, we were far from it.

It finally hit me that I had no idea how the female mind worked.

I had no idea how to really get girls, let alone a girlfriend…

In fact, I heard Christine say:

What made it worse that my "wingman" at the time, who promised me he was "helping me" ended up going over to Christine's place more than I did…

In fact he was there even at night, when I didn't realize it…

So after many upon many failed attempts at hooking up with women I decided to go online to search for answers.

I didn't want to ask my "wingman" because he betrayed my trust by going behind my back with Christine…

I didn't want to ask my other friends because I was too ashamed of admitting that I had problems with dating women…

I had no one else to turn to.

I was desperate.

So just like you, I went online and started looking for dating and seduction advice.

I was on the verge of giving up, and then just "settling" for any girl that wouldn't reject me... until one day, it all changed.

That's when my life turned around.

Eventually, after reading all the theory and field reports from the big name seduction gurus out there, I started to get a little bit of success….

That's when I started to document what worked for me on my personal dating site,

I started sharing with other guys, what I learned and worked well in my seduction journey.


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“…I have a date already planned for this Friday…”

"Maurice, I just want to say thank you. My girlfriend of 7 months just broke up with me. I found out later that she left me for another man and was sleeping with him the day after she left me. I was heartbroken and needed someone or something to set me back on the right path.

There was so much in your book that led to an "aha" moment that helped me realize why she broke up with me and how I can move on with my life and find the real girl of my dreams. It's funny -- when I was with her, I never thought she was perfect for me, just "the best I could get". Now, thanks to the knowledge of your guide, I can finally get past the point of settling and really get the girl I want. Instead of being heartbroken, I have hope for an even better life. I've already focused on your tips to being a more sexual man and, believe me, it helps!

I even had a girl comment on how much happier and attractive I look today (trust me, I didn't do anything too much beyond focusing on my inner game and the parts of my appearance I can control). In fact, I have a date already planned for this friday with a girl I met at a coffee shop. Listen, I know this e-mail doesn't mean much, but your guide changed my life. Before reading your guide I thought I wasn't even good enough for the girl I settled with. Now, I have hope for a new life. Rock on and thank you for this hope!" - Ricky Staunt from Princeton, NJ

I'm a devout student and follower of Mystery, Neil Strauss, Real Social Dynamics, Ross Jeffries, Juggler, Mehow, Carlos Xuma, Scot McKay, Mirabelle Summers, Slade Shaw, Derek Lamont and dozens of others… then with the help of their guidance and information, I was able to develop something even better on my own.

But first... remember how I told you about those mistakes the "other guys" were making when attempting to seduce women?

I'll tell you two huge mistakes right now...

Critical Mistake #1

They don’t know what they are doing to turn women off. From my own personal experiences and seeing the failures of many men out there, most guys have absolutely no idea what they are doing that simply translates to a woman “I am a loser guy, and I’m desperate too”.

They don’t understand the type of behavior that they are subconsciously exhibiting and demonstrating on a daily basis is actively making women run from them.

Critical Mistake #2

They think they are original and smooth… but end up doing what ever other guy is doing. They all come across to women using the same lines and routines that have been rehashed over and over again… and they don’t even know it! I’ll show you examples of lame approaches in a second…

Now you're probably asking yourself...

What makes this seduction system stand out from the rest?

The simple fact of the matter is, it is a combination of all the teachings and philosophies from the great works of Mystery, David DeAngelo, Neil Strauss and other seduction experts, put together in a way that would suit your persona.

Also, I know what you want as a man.

After receiving thousands of feedback and responses from I know exactly what are the biggest sticking points for you and what you need to improve on.

“If you want to totally crack the code on what it takes to meet, attract and seduce the women of your dreams, there are three easy steps.

Step 1 = Take the $1 Trial of the Supernatural Seduction System.

Step 2 = Read the Supernatural Seduction System and apply the Step-by-Step instructions.

Step 3 = Seduce and Dominate the Women You Desire!”.


Download The Supernatural Seduction System FOR $1 Today!

Just Pay $1 Transaction Fee.


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If you’re a guy that thinks using canned routines and is unnatural and clumsy, then the Supernatural Seduction System is perfect for you because it focuses on psychologically drawing women to you.

However, if you’re a man that prefers to have routines and pickup material available to use when you don’t know what to say next, well it includes field tested routines that have stood the test of time, that are fresh and underground.

Seduction using this system, it is not just a hit of miss philosophy, it is a science.

You will never need to worry about being saying the wrong things, or get stuck figuring out how to act… all the way till you get them in your bed.

Here is just one of my most recent personal success story that I am going to share with you. This is 100% real and none of this is fabricated.

Here’s further proof that you don’t need money, looks or a flashy car in order to date models.

Well, three months after continuously clubbing and meeting random girls, I decided I had enough of the single life… so I went to a private after party in a laid back night club where I was hoping to just chill out with some friends and hopefully meet some sexy women.

When I sat down with my friend, I realized that the table had three very hot looking girls who were looking bored and wondering who these two random guys were….

So I thought to myself, I was really going to be a man, now is the time to prove it.

And prove it I did.

That night, I picked up not one, but TWO stunning girls from that private party and the thing was… THEY WERE FROM THE SAME TABLE….

They didn’t even realize it because I was so under the radar!

Just two hours later, I was walking out with one of the smoking hot babes by the name of Julia who wanted to go back to my place for a few drinks…

When we got back to my place, my roommate’s dad just happened to be watching TV in the living room, so to make things less awkward I introduced Julia to him as my “girlfriend”…

Julia just happened to double as a fashion model in her spare time…

So what about the other girl?

The very next day, I brought home the other girl, Kristina, who I also introduced to my roommate’s father, who was watching TV again as my “girlfriend”…

Kristina’s job was a night club dancer and also did some magazine shoots wearing nothing but skimpy red lingerie…

I was lucky that my friend’s father didn’t ask Kristina where my other “girlfriend” from the previous night was…

It doesn’t even matter if you’re just into meeting and seducing then having as much sex with as many beautiful and gorgeous women you desire…

… or if you’re a guy looking for the one PERFECT girl of your dreams… maybe the one you might want to marry and raise a family with some day…

Now you have the choice to make the decision.

You decide.

The best thing is…

This works for any guy, as long as you’re willing to apply the techniques and methods taught!


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I receive emails EVERY SINGLE DAY from guys that I have helped from my your own wingman site. Which by the way, only teaches a tiny portion of what you’ll learn in the Supernatural Seduction System.

These guys tell me how they have been able to achieve amazing success and how they are now able to meet, rich, intelligent and sexy women that THEY want!

You don’t even need to be a seduction expert or a “pick up artist” in order for this proven system to get great results.

Finally, you now have the ability to decide whom you want to date…
You will have incredible success with the women that you truly desire!

This system is proven and extremely effective to meet and attract the women that you truly desire as a man. You will learn the characteristics of becoming a truly attractive man and get the women that YOU want and NOT settle for whatever you can get.

Are you sick of learning about useless theory that doesn’t work in real life? Well, this seduction system is not only field tested, it’s been field tested to ensure that it attracts women in a sexual way – so you never end up in the “friends zone” again!

Are you sick of hearing about methods and tactics in general that sound great – but you have no idea how and when to use it? Well the Supernatural Seduction System is designed to be step by step so that even if you had zero success with women – you will succeed.

I know that you are just sick and tired of hearing bad advice such as “just be yourself”. And when you are yourself – you fail with women. Well, not the case here. I know where you’re coming from and I guarantee you that if you follow this system it will not contain bullshit theory that does not work.

One of the biggest sticking points for men who have had low success with women in the past is that, they spiral downwards into the cycle of super low confidence. Well the Supernatural Seduction System addresses this issue and you’ll be able to skyrocket your confidence to levels where you will be guaranteed an increase in success!

Sick of being an amateur? Learn the covert tricks and underground tactics that will exponentially increase your game to the next level. Discover not only basic tactics but also unknown and advanced strategies that the famous Pick Up Gurus wish they knew! You will become the next seduction superstar.

Not only do you uncover strategies that will take you to the talk to women, you’ll learn how to totally make them fall heads over heels for you. Using advanced and previously unknown methods you will now dominate the relationship field.

Looking for seduction/pickup routines? I will give you field tested ones that work! Don’t have the time to make your own? That’s fine, I have done the hard yards.. and got rejected testing and refining these routines so you don’t have to!

…You’re going to give me the Supernatural Seduction System For Me For $1?...


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Let Me Present To You...

I have spent five years of my life reading and compiling the works of the most renowned seduction gurus in the world that teaches any guy how to meet, attract then seduce quality women that you desire… then field testing their works to prove that it works, then refining it more to come up with a scientific system that gets results…

I will share with you my secret and personal system on how to get the women that you desire…

“Waiting Naked In Your Bed sheets…

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to have sexwith as many women as you desire, or you just want to find that one perfect girl… this is the system that you need to make it work for you.

And if you’re wondering about how long it’ll take to get results? It’s EASY! You can get women attracted to you RIGHT NOW with almost zero effort on your part… so long as you read and understand the system. You will find that you will naturally and effortlessly draw women to you..,

I have read ALL of those dating and seduction guides and manuals and refined them ALL into creating this SYSTEM…

I have filtered out strategies that DON’T WORK and included only proven and effectives methodologies that DO WORK…

This seduction system is not THEORY, but it is FIELD TESTED AND PROVEN to work.

And that's only the beginning... it only gets BETTER from there...

Here are just a few things you'll learn in my extremely comprehensive seduction system with...

The most absolute system on how to attract quality, SEXY women - so you won’t ever need to “settle” with women you don’t really want.

Step-by-step instructions that will ensure that you do not end up in the “friends zone” and how to get out of it if you are already there!

The secret tip that immediately will skyrocket your abilities with women once you apply it.

The 8 critical mistakes that men do all the time that kills their chances with women. You are most likely making these one of these mistakes right now!

The 18 vital sins that men do to make a woman feel uncomfortable that makes women want to repel them immediately!

Seduction routines that are FIELD TESTED and proven to work that covers the opening phase of approaching a woman to finally closing the deal and making her yours.

Discover how to deal with her boyfriend or other males trying to out compete you. Learn how to turn themselves into a fool in front of the girl whilst making you look like a hero.

Learn the field tested fool proof way to prevent rejection that has stood the test of time, that will magically hook you back into her good books.

Learn ALL 26 of the attraction triggers that allow you to magnetically draw women towards you making you CLEARLY stand out from the rest of the average guys out there!

The step-by-step three step system for increasing a woman’s attraction to you that will keep women from uncontrollably being drawn to you.

Learn the lost art of flirting and how to talk to women sexually in a tone that they not only like, but beg for.

Learn the exact moment in time when a woman is trying to test you - and how you can turn the tables on her to beat her at her own game immediately!

How to really compliment a woman WITHOUT looking like another spineless chump. Discover the only time when you should give compliments to a woman that will increase her attraction towards you!

How to make her invest emotionally in you, so that you’ll be in the driver’s seat and controlling the relationships.

Learn exactly the questions to ask and what to say to build up rapport and a deep connection within minutes of just meeting a woman. You’ll never need to worry what to say next with these hand chosen preselected questions.

Discover the one tip that will resolve the issue about “who’s going to pay” for the date and how to use that single tip to set you up for another date that’s going to be paid by her!

Learn how to effortlessly create sexual attraction and tension that she actually wants. Use the exact words and phrases that have been proven to drive her insane with carnal desire for you without you needing to touch her.

98% of guys DON’T KNOW THIS! How to talk to women in a way that will make her feel as if you’re the only person in this world that truly understands her. So you would not have only seduced her physically, but she’ll also surrender to you mentally.

The single and most powerful methodof breaking down her resistance. So you’ll never be in a position where you have to beg for sex again.

Uncover underground and covert strategies on how to close the deal and seal her heart so she knows she’s not just a friend. So you can pick her up under the radar of other women.

Discover how to interact with women in a group scenario and what you can do precisely to pickup a girl - then having her girlfriends help you at the same time!

And if you thought that was all of it, there’s much more.
Much, much more!

The reason why I have spent so much time and effort in creating such a comprehensive and easy to follow program is because I know exactly how you feel.

I was also frustrated at my dating life at one point that I didn’t have anyone else to turn to but the internet.

I want to genuinely help you, because I was exactly in your situation not too long ago.

The beauty of this system is that you’re able to ISOLATE and ATTRACT the women that YOU CHOOSE with the way YOU want.

You don’t need great looks, heaps of money and a nice car.

So if you have any doubts in your mind wondering if it’s possible or easy… then let me assure you.

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