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"Girl Gets Ring Review" I think it’s important to be emotionally honest with you and so I will share some of my
answers to these questions. Not to impress you with how great I am, but instead to lead by
example. My dream has always been to be a writer. I have flowed towards and away from
this career for a decade. My real dream is to have millions of women read this book. I want
all of the people I helped find happiness to remember me. In that way I will gain
immortality. Of course as a woman your dreams will be a little bit different and that’s

I have been through quite a few careers before finding
myself doing what I was meant to do. I worked in
education for a very long time. I have done everything
from teaching DJing at inner city schools to running part
of the English departments at one of the best universities
in America. I have worked selling computers and I have
run a tutoring agency. I have done a lot of other things in
between. All of these different experiences led me on the
path to finding out who I truly am and what kind of man I
want to be.

Not only do you want to develop your career aspirations
during this time, you also want to decide what kind of
woman you want to be. Throughout this book you will
see just how important honesty is in a relationship and in
life. You really find out who you are when you are alone
and nobody’s watching. It’s easy not to steal money off a
desk in a room full of people, but it’s a lot more tempting
when nobody will ever find out.

In 1996 the movie Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise hit the silver screen and one of the most
poisonous lines to come out of that movie was, “You complete me.”

“You complete me.” Sounds romantic doesn’t it?

But as a man who helps put relationships back together from every corner of this world, I
can tell you firsthand many relationships sink BECAUSE one or both people are looking for
someone to ‘complete’ him or her.

As a happily married man, it shocks some people when I say that as much as I love my wife
Jeannie, I am still a whole man without her.

What’s more shocking to some…I think? Is the FACT that I am more attracted to and IN
LOVE with Jeannie because I know she’d still be a whole person WITHOUT ME.

I prefer her.

And she prefers me.

We COMPLEMENT…not complete each other.

We are happy.

Contrast this with…

“I NEED you to complete me…AND I NEED to feel like I complete you.”

This IS insanity and CAUSES break ups, divorce and UNHAPPINESS.

If a woman, let’s call her Irene, is single she has two general choices about how she feels
and thinks about being single. (How she feels and thinks then determines her actions.)

She can view herself as ‘Incomplete Irene’. Incomplete Irene has a tendency to look for love
in all the wrong places…see Mr. Right in every face…and come off as needy.

Can you see Incomplete Irene’s problem?

I’m sure you can.

May I share something else that I see happening?


Incomplete Irene starts to attract men who are LOOKING to TAKE ADVANTAGE of her

In short, these men know how and are VERY adept at finding needy women to take
advantage of.

Are you starting to see why the quote “You complete me” is so venomous?

So what is the antidote?

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