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"Girl Gets Ring Reviews" To become a “Complete Cathy.” Complete Cathy uses her singledom to discover more about herself. She is perfectly happy to spend an evening alone. This doesn’t mean she avoids social interactions, but she is
comfortable being by herself.

Cathy asks herself…

“What makes ME happy?”

Not what makes her parents happy…or what would her sister want her to do…or what her
friends think of her because she’s not in a relationship yet.

As Cathy explores what gets her blood pumping, she feels INSPIRED to go out and
experience the things that make her happy.

Maybe it’s horseback riding?

Learning to fire a handgun at the shooting range?

Taking that acting class?

As she’s doing these new things she realizes she IS a complete person.

Doesn’t mean she isn’t open to a COMPLEMENTARY relationship.

Do you see the difference?

Good! I’m glad.

What Cathy notices is that as she’s going about her own self-discovery, several men have
flashed her admirable smiles at the gun range. Then there’s the handsome instructor in
acting class who complimented her last performance. She thinks he was working up the
courage to ask her out, but lost his nerve.

In short…not only does “Complete Cathy” meet and attract more quality men than
“Incomplete Irene”, but she is more likely to attract a man who is complete. Men who are
complete do NOT seek out incomplete women. In fact, men who are already complete are
often REPELLED by an “Incomplete Irene”.

This is important.

Let me rephrase please.

When you feel like you need a relationship to be complete, you run the very real
risk of attracting an INCOMPLETE man…or worse…a man who consciously or
unconsciously is looking for an incomplete woman to take advantage of.

This doesn’t mean that “Complete Cathy” will never run into or get involved with some

But this is more of an ‘isolated incident’ for Cathy…where it seems to be par for the course
for Irene.

I want you to find love. I want you to enjoy all of the fruits of a COMPLEMENTARY
relationship. That’s why our paths have crossed. I just want you to know, if you don’t
already, that you are a whole human being regardless of what the status says on your
Facebook profile.


You have done enough reading. Now it’s time to take some action.

Make a list of the passions in your life and write down your answers to all of these

1. If you could move anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go?
2. Why?
3. If you had unlimited funds and never had to work again, what would you spend your
life doing if you knew no one would ever judge you?
4. How do you want to be remembered?
5. What makes you unique?

By taking the time to answer these questions you are starting on the path to actually
finding your true passion.

Now make a list of 12 things you have always thought about doing, but have never actually
done. This can be things like go camping, go to an open mic night and sing, go bungee
jumping, climb a mountain, learn to mountain bike, play soccer, etc.

Once you make that list of 12 things, I want you to try each of them just ONCE a month for
the next year. That’s one day a month that you spend doing something you have always
wanted to but spent too much time making excuses.

It’s time to get to know yourself and to have some real adventures.

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